For over fifty years the WEPR PTA has worked to carry out the National PTA objectives of helping home and school to “cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth” and of guaranteeing all students “the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education.” We believe that strong, vital public education is one of the outstanding traditions of our nation and that excellence in public education relies on consistent, meaningful collaboration between school and home and the active involvement of well-informed parents and community members.
For this reason, WEPR PTA offers a wide variety of resources and training to help you and your local PTA to fulfill your responsibilities to your school communities and members. Among our annual events are the Summer Social for Leadership Training, the Annual Fall Luncheon, the Advocacy Breakfast in March, the SEPTA Collaboration, and Spring Conference. We encourage you to contact us with your suggestions or requests for workshops, forums, or any other sort of presentation we might offer to assist you in advocacy or leadership training.

WEPR PTA has strong collaborative ties and partnerships. We work with teachers, school boards, legislators and community based organizations that provide the services for children and families or the means for those services. With over 50,000 members, our voice is strong together. We want you all to know that as PTA members this is OUR region. All of our advocacy efforts are much stronger when unified and we encourage you to contact us and share your unit or district’s efforts regionally. 
The WEP Region PTA also is your liaison with New York State PTA and helps to bring home to you the many services and resources provided by the state. (For more information on these, you might also visit www.nyspta.org, the NYS PTA website.) A wealth of knowledge and experience can also be found among the officers, committee chairs, assistant directors, and council presidents who make up our Westchester East Putnam Region board. Whatever their role, board members are ready and eager to assist you with whatever question, issue, or project you may have. Our names, PTA positions, and contact information can be found on this website, as well as in our region directory, sent annually to each PTA president. We urge you to peruse the website and find all the ways our region PTA contacts and resources can help you play your vital role in your local PTA.
Volunteers are the heart of PTA, an organization that for over one hundred years has relied on the efforts of caring, committed parents and teachers to advocate for the benefit of all our children. We thank you for being those volunteers—for being PTA—and we look forward to working with you for everychild with onevoice.
Kathy Martinez-Holmes, Region Director 
everychild. onevoice. cadanino. unavoz. 
May 2017

Executive Committee

Kathy Martinez-Holmes - WEP Region Director:  Westchestereastputnamrd@nyspta.org  

Stephanie Fehr - Associate Director- North:  PtaStephanie@gmail.com

Tracy Mairs - Associate Director- South:  weprsouth@gmail.com

Margaret Mager -Associate Director- East:  Magerbxv@gmail.com

Dionne Thomas - Associate Director-Events:  WeprEvents@gmail.com

Jose Montas - Associate Director-Committee Chairman: Jmontas@live.com

Mary Mcnamara - Treasurer: weprtreasurer@gmail.com

Margit Spector - Recording Secretary:  Margitj@optonline.net

Jennifer Rattendi - Corresponding Secretary: WeprPTA@gmail.com
Karen Beltran - Past Region Director: Kbeltran@ycpta.org
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Karen Beltran,
May 8, 2017, 11:51 AM