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Welcome to Bylaws EZ - Taken from NYS PTA Website


All units and councils must have PTA bylaws under which they operate. The bylaws must be updated every 3 years to keep your unit or council in good standing with the State and National PTA. Bylaws are the backbone of your organization. You are encouraged to use the new Bylaws EZ process as it is more efficient, user friendly and takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

You will only need to send in the completed Bylaws Cover page, signed by the President and Secretary and dated with the Membership Adoption date. The bylaws are sent electronically to your Region Bylaws Chair (RBC) who will review them and forward them electronically to the NYS PTA Bylaws Coordinator for approval. Once approved, you will receive 2 hard copies of your bylaws along with an electronic copy in pdf format. This will enable you to share the approved bylaws with your board members.

You will still need to have your bylaws approved by your membership, giving them the required 30 days’ notice of the vote. You will be able to print a copy of the bylaws in process once you have completed the online Bylaws EZ process and then discard them when you receive your NYS PTA approved bylaws.

We encourage you to have written Procedures where the executive committee and executive board roles can be described in more detail than in your bylaws. Please review the Sample Procedures posted on our website that allow you to customize them to fit the needs of your unit or council.

Please download the Instructions below and read them carefully before going to the EZ website and inputting your bylaws.

We are very exited to offer the Bylaws EZ process to you. We want you to go through the process to ensure that your bylaws meet the needs of your unit or council but in a manner that is effective as well as efficient.
Unit/Council Resources:

Unit Bylaws EZ Instructions (PDF)

Council Bylaws EZ Instructions (PDF)

Instructions for Unit Bylaws EZ Amendments (PDF)

Bylaws Amendment Notification Form (Word)

Margit Spector
WEPR PTA Bylaws Chairperson

Please be sure to note your unit/council number in the subject line