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Welcome to Membership! 

Members are the heart and soul of PTA.  You can't run a PTA unit with any members.  The best thing about the PTA is that membership is open to everyone.  

New Membership Chairs

Membership can be a little overwhelming at first.  Do not worry! We will break it down into easy steps.  Take one step at a time and you will be on your way in no time.

1) Make sure the unit President has added you as the membership chair on the NYS PTA portal.  Once the President has added you, NYS PTA will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to log on.

2) Check out NYS PTA Portal Tutorial Videos on You Tube 
Links listed on the right hand side of the page.

3) Attend our Regional Summer Training - Tuesday, August 28th at White Plains High School.  6 p.m.

4) Check out www.pta.org - eLearning
Local Leaders - Membership Basics workshop 
These workshops are free and helpful!

Membership Campaign

You might be thinking I have never run a membership campaign.  I don't know where to start.  

The secret to membership really is simple.  

Just ask!  A lot people do not join because they were not asked. 

Children benefit when their parents join PTA.  

Ask people to support your PTA. Many people feel like if they join they will immediately have to volunteer.  By asking them to support your PTA, it gives them a chance to see what your unit is all about.  Once they see your unit in action, they will want to get involved.

Make sure to toot your own horn!  PTAs are busy doing great things! The problem is they forget to let their members and community know! People assume that the school is running the special events or projects. Even worse, they assume it's their tax dollars paying for your PTA event. It's okay to let them know that the PTA is active and adding value to their community!

Make sure to have a list of the PTA's accomplishments ready for potential members to view.  You can have a flyer in a picture frame at the Back to School Night table.  Put it on your website!  Highlight it on your social media! At events, have a sponsored by the PTA sign up. 

Check out Membership Campaign flyer below to see a great example of this!

Where to Start

1) Invite last year's members to renew their membership.  On the portal, click on prior year membership list.  Send an e-mail out thanking them for their support last year and include info on how to join this year.

2) Set up a membership table at Back to School Nights and Back to School Celebration.

3) Have a membership table at every PTA meeting and events.

4) Promote the PTA at Community Events.

5) Contact your local Chamber of Commerce.  Ask to speak at one of their meetings about supporting the PTA.  Offer business sponsor ships. Check out the templates below.

6) PTA membership should be diverse and represent everyone in the school. Take a look around and see who you might be missing.

  • Parents who speak a different language:  Make sure to have membership forms and PTA flyers are in all languages spoke at your school.  At meetings, have a translator there so that everyone knows what is going on at a meeting.

  • Teachers/Staff Members: They are the "T" in PTA.  Have membership information at Teacher Appreciation events.  Don't forget the support staff at the school.

  • Students: You don't have to be a PTSA to have student members. Schools are always encouraging students to be community minded. What better way to help improve your school then to support the PTA. Students have opinions about what works and doesn't work at their schools.  You might be surprised at some of the great ideas they will come up with!  PTA member looks great on a college application. 

Please contact Melissa Cancro, Membership Chairperson, at weprmembership@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Need some Membership Ideas?

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