Help Wanted

WEPR-PTA is always looking for volunteers!

Currently, we are looking to fill the following positions:

* Special Education Committee 
* Social Media Intern (High School Student)
* Health and Wellness Chairperson 
* Committee members for WEPR Committees (Please see the Region Board Contacts)

Our committees:
  • Advocacy
  • Reflection
  •  Bylaws
  • Education 
  •  Health and wellness
  • Hispanic Outreach
  •   Historian
  •  Juvenile protection
  •   Male Engagement
  •   Membership
  • Outreach
  •   Parent engagement 
  •   PARP (Pick A Reading Partner)
  • Publications
  •  Special education
  •  Student member
  •   Website and social media

If you are interested in joining or chairing a committee,  please contact 
Region Director, Kathy Martinez-Holmes at 
for more information.